Core Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts

Core Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts is an excellent handy reference guide packed with useful information.

The book begins with some simple theory about the Apple keyboard including a full explanation of what each key does. The author then takes you through a comprehensive list of keyboard symbols, accent codes, foreign characters, mathematical symbols and punctuation symbols.

With the foundations in place the guide goes on to present hundreds of keyboard shortcuts available for each core Mac OS X Leopard application.

This book is a well organised, professionally formatted reference guide designed to be practical and easy to use. Printed on high quality 2-colour paper in an A5 spiral bound cover it can be stored right next to your Mac for quick reference.

Key Features

• Over 1,000 OS X keyboard shortcuts.

• How keyboard shortcuts actually work.

• Shortcuts for OS X, Finder, Apple Mail, Address Book, Safari, iTunes.

• Shortcuts for iLife '08 comprising iPhoto, iWeb, iMovie, iDVD & GarageBand.

Mac OS X troubleshooting keys.

• Accents and special characters.

• Currency and mathematics symbols.

• Punctuation and foreign characters.

• How to use the Character Palette to access thousands of characters and symbols.

• Troubleshooting Keys.

• In-depth descriptions of all keys and symbols.

• Clear concise information tables.

• Move instantly between applications.


Screenshot Punctuation Symbols

Screenshot Foreign and Mathematical Symbols


Price: US $24.95 (inc. tax) US $14.95 (inc. tax)
ISBN: 9-780646-463513
Title: Core Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts
Author: Dean Pirera
Publisher: Dean Pirera
Language: English
Number of Pages: 94
Format: Spiral bound A5 2-colour book


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Price: $24.95 USD
Price: $14.95 USD

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